Friday, September 16, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

tonight I have managed to do yesterday's lesson learnt and today. To be honest I knew what I was doing for yesterday but I didn't have the photo and I needed the light to get it.
When I finished my shower that morning I somehow pulled the shower curtain back the opposite way to usual and realised that it allowed the light to shine through, to the basin and mirror, much better.
15 Letting in the light
this also allowed me to take a self portrait, which the prompt encouraged us to do. Success.
Today I wanted to do some journalling in my explore book and I needed the purple pen. but I couldn't find my coloured journalling pens anywhere. Knowing that the enormous pile of bits and pieces, paper and you name it that was on my desk was probably hiding them, I thought the only way was to tidy up the rubbish. It was a job that I had on my to do list and one that kept being put off. So taking the bull by the horns I tackled it. All the while asking the Lord what I had done with my pens. I felt that He was saying "when you can see your desk I'll let you know". Well I did practically finish the desk but still hadn't found the pens. But as usual the Lord was true to His promise and I was led to the paper rack in the lounge. Sure enough the pens were there so I did the journalling, and left the rest of the desk. But, I needed a photo so this evening I finally cleared the area and have, if not a perfectly tidy place to scrap, at least a large space that is plenty big enough.
16 Clearing the desk

I have another layout to share this one is for my No.1 Grandson on the day he started school.
Ready for School


Maria Ontiveros said...

Really love that last layout. Graphics are unusual and perfect for the photos.

Alison said...

Great LSNED lessons...and great LO- did you doodle or is it digi?
Alison xx

di basnett said...

Sorry you didn't find your pen in the cleanup...but a good cleanup is therapeutic. I'm enjoying reading your LSNED lessons.

Lizzie said...

Fun pages - especially the last one. He does look grown up - and very pleased with himself!

I had to smile at the other two pages... for different reasons. The tidying the desk thing made me chuckle - I have re-learned that lesson a number of times! And I smiled at the bathroom/self-portrait one, because I see you plan to audition for the Nativity Play this Christmas - to play an Angel!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye