Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

I have been fiddling all day creating the kit in previous post and packing last minute odds and ends of stash into every nook and cranny I can find in my case. I bet I don't use the half of it but if I don't have it with me for the weekend retreat you can bet your bottom dollar I will want it.
So I have learnt that time enjoyed playing is not time wasted. That my case can hold more than I thought just hope I can get it on the train OK
21 Time enjoyed playing is not time wasted

I had to take the kittens for their first inoculations today. Muffin was not at all pleased with it but Mittens didn't seem to feel it at all. They slept all afternoon but became quite lively this evening so don't think they will have any reaction. I do hope not anyway.

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