Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Digi CJ

As I've mentioned before I am taking part in a digital circle journal. I thought I had posted my own pages here but I can't find them. If I have then please forgive me for repeating, myself put it down to my age.
I have taken as my subject Nature, well I had to didn't I :D

Title page - background photo is just one of the lovely sky photos I seem to take on a regular basis
My Front Cover

Instruction page
My Instruction Page

My own page - the lake in Queens Park in the centre of Swindon town
A Myriad Shades of Green

I am so pleased that two others have chosen Nature also and I will add the pages I do for them to my own book, well why not.
here is the one I've done for Karen of Dolly's Dreamings

A beautiful peach pink rose also taken in Queen's Park
A single Rose

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