Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

I've been playing catch up and gone completely off prompt but at least I have found something that I have learnt for both days.
Sunday night it was so nice to sink into my own bed with my memory foam mattress even though I had Rudi in the room with me for part of it.
26 One's own bed is best

Today I have been trying to sort out my acrylic stamps. I don't have all that many but they were in a box that was overflowing and so made it difficult to find what I wanted to use each time. Someone has shown me how they stored theirs, on acetate sheet in a sleeve and then put into a ring binder so I have copied that idea, I am part way through it now but it has taken some time to do as a lot of the stamps that haven't really been used seem to have welded themselves to their backing and they were breaking up as I tried to remove them. A valuable lesson 'remove the stamps, at least once from their backing, when you first get them.
27 Some jobs seem to take forever

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Jimjams said...

oooh ... that's good (or should that be bad) to know! I have loads of acrylic stamps and quite a few that have at least one or two in a set that are virginal!
How big is your ring binder? A4/5 I like the fact that it has 4 rings which support the punched pockets better than two.

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