Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

Today we have been encouraged to find out what our 'signature' is. It may be a colour, as in my case, or something more subtle.
When I was in town today, just went in to take a key up to my son's, I saw this lovely purple cardigan at the bargain price of £6.00, well, I couldn't resist.
Looking at my page for this day last year, guess what it was the new clothes I had bought and again they are PURPLE I think this confirms that my signature colour is purple.
so without further ado here is my page for today
20 More Purple clothes
and as a comparison here is last year's page
20th Mary's New Clothes

I've also done another page of the bundles of mischief
Mischief & Mayhem


happysnapper said...

morning mary i have just spent a pleasent lunch break musing through your musings and altough i havent commented on everything i've looked at i have enjoyed it all, thanks for sharing. BTW I still love your natures diary it beautiful.

Karen said...

Great LO's Mary and I love your take on todays LSNED :)

Lizzie said...

That's a nice cardigan and you're right, £6 is a bargain.
It's fun that you posted about the same things a year apart! Made me smile, Mary!

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