Monday, September 12, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

I am a very untidy person, I find it so difficult to keep the mess under control, but today I have been busy and have tidied my bedroom taken out a lot of the rubbish that had accumulated, hung up the clothes that had been piled on my bed and dusted and hoovered.
Having done that I thought next I would attack the piles of stuff on my desks and craft tables. I didn't get all that far but I did manage to clear one of my desks. So now perhaps I can clear the rest of my stash/rubbish/papers etc. and stop procrastinating and putting it off till it became impossible.
12 Procrastination is the thief of time

Because it's Monday the weekly challenge on UKScrappers was calling me. I do like to get it done on the day it goes out. This week we had to (a) either do a beach theme or use an advertising slogan as a title, (b) use the colour turquoise & (c) two photos. I went with the slogan and used this photo of the amazing cake in Patisserie Valerie's window.
Naughty but nice

and just to put a smile on your face

A little boy was talking to a farmer. "What have you got in your truck?" he asked
"Manure" replied the farmer.
"What are you going to do with it?"
"Put it on my potatoes," replied the farmer.
The little boy shrugged. "You should come and have dinner with us. We put butter and salt on ours.

Today I was grateful for the energy to get as much done as I did.

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