Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

Today I have been so tired, almost from the time I got up this morning. Eventually I gave into it and had a sleep in my chair. Later I phoned a friend and in the course of the conversion when I told her how I felt she said that several people have complained of feeling the same. It did make me feel a bit better as I was beginning to think that there was something drastically wrong with me. Half the trouble is, living on my own I have too much time to worry about how I feel.
Strangely enough my two bundles of mischief have been much quieter today and have slept a good part of it. There must be something in the air.
11 giving into tiredness

Came back in here to add the page I've just done, another one of Rufus's birthday trip to Bristol Zoo
Day at the Zoo

Today I am grateful for a nice comfy chair to have a snooze in
coming home from church to the smell of a roast dinner
Rudi sitting on my lap enjoying a stroke this afternoon


Dawn said...

Mary, I had the exact same feeling today. A really fuzzy head and tired. Hoping a good nights sleep will help. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

Jimjams said...

The advantage of living on your own is that you CAN give in to tiredness - listen to your body Mary!

Shirley said...

So sorry you are feeling so tired Mary, I hope that you feel a lot better soon and that a good nights sleep will help.

Lizzie said...

Yes, Mary it seems to be almost country-wide... an epidemic! I do think it's connected with the weather conditions. The air is heavy and almost "thick" just now. I have been tired for a few days and there's not really anything "wrong with me". I'm sure it is the weather, so hopefully you'll feel better, once the wind dies down and conditions change.
Meanwhile, sleep enough, eat well and enjoy your morning walk whenever you can!
Oh and don't forget to have fun with those kitties!

happysnapper said...

listen to your body and sleep when you are tired, but dont forget regular bedtime and wake up time everyday is supposed to be the cure all for sleep issues and tiredness .xx jane

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