Friday, September 09, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

Today I went into town to get my ticket to travel to the scrapping retreat at the end of the month. Price not too bad could have been cheaper but I would have had to hang around at extra stations and get there too early.
I also needed ink cartridges for my printer now that was expensive £93 but hopefully getting the XL ones they will last a bit longer.
That just left me needing PJs for the retreat but the only ones I could find that I liked were £26.00 and I wasn't prepared, after my other expensive buys, to fork out that much for something I will only wear when away. When I got home I remembered I had bought some for a previous retreat and adding a loose top to them makes perfect casual-lounging-around-scrapping apparel
So here is my page for finding something to be grateful for
09 Grateful for clothes I already have

I've also made the first page of Rufus's second birthday, I say first page because I am sure there will be many more, I took so many photos
Rufus's 2nd Birthday

My fur babies are sleeping now after a day of frolic and napping, they have found a little box just big enough for one of them but both want to share it.

And of course I can't leave Rudi out now can I

Today I am thankful for nice clothes to wear
for two lovely lively fur babies
for my lovely Ginger cat (who is a bit wary at the moment)

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