Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A walk down the back lane

I am amazed that every time I walk down the back lane I see something different to photograph.
Today I noticed that the ground that was dug up earlier in the year, to lay new water and sewage pipes, has been taken over by the wild plants already and is full of abundant life.

And further along the lane I was amazed to see these hops growing among the hawthorn and even the dreaded stinging nettle is fascinating when view really close up

I have shared a lot of photo today and I think that is probably enough for one post but before I close I just want to say Thank you to Father God for his abundant provision in nature, and for the thrill it gives me every time.


Photographing Mom said...

So agree with your last statement, Mary!! God has done an awesome job. ;)
Love your photos!

humel said...

Gorgeous photos - you've captured God's creation so beautifully :-)

Jimjams said...

Fabulous photos Mary - they look really good in this grid - isn't Nature grand!

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