Monday, October 25, 2010

A Reason to Clean the House

I have had a friend round this evening, that doesn't often happen I usually go to others, not them come to me, it was lovely to see her and talk just the two of us, without her husband being there. What is more it made me do the house work and it was so needed. The trouble with living on your own, you don't mind your own mess and muddle so why do it, just a flick of the duster and the cleaner over occasionally, but today a good tidy up as well as polishing and dusting and moving the furniture around to give it a thorough clean. It feels good to have done it too.

 If I had an extra hours or two or three,or maybe 24 would be a better bet I’d clear away the clutter from my life. The extras that I’ve collected over the years, that are spiralling out of control.
The bits and bobs picked up at sales that might come in handy for something or other.
So much dross accumulated, sitting collecting dust but so familiar that if they were to go I’d feel bereft.
Why do I cling to what is nothing more that hangers on? Too much effort needed to find a way of throwing out and not grabbing back.
Leave it for another time, or better still, wait till I’m gone then those who follow will have no compulsion in opening up those black bin bags and ridding the place of all my  unnecessary rubbish
I’ve chickened out again

In between cleaning and tidying I also managed to start a new digital layout and finished it off just before my friend arrived. It is for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers challenge criteria 'If you have an extra hour how would you fill it' - 2 or 3 photos - clock/time related embellishment

Too Much


Today I am grateful for a good reason to do the house work
For a long catch up with my friend without anyone else around


Sarah C said...

Love your LO.

It is a great feeling when people want to visit isn't it. My niece is here for a couple of days and I had to go round with the hoover and duster before she turned up. Not to mention the bits that needed putting away too!! It's all too easy to leave it all for another day when there's only us going to see it xx

Lizzie said...

Yes, I find that I have a "proper tidy up" when someone's coming to visit. Too many cat-licks the rest of the time.
You could always try doing your clear-out one corner at a time...

humel said...

I have a friend coming round tomorrow, which is the only reason I spent some of today tidying up... If I never invited anyone over we'd probably be trapped by all the clutter!! Glad you had a good time xx

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