Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pretty Lass

I have a really pretty daughter in Law, though she doesn't think she is now that she has had a child and is no longer a size 6. I find it so difficult to get a photo of her because she will hide from the camera or behind Rufus or turn away at the last moment. This photo was taken a few years ago long before Rufus came along. I have to use every opportunity to scrap what photos are available.
I am really pleased with how this one has gone as it has taken a lot of fiddling to get the flowers just right, I have layered the roses up to give extra shadow and depth, rather like doing a decoupage picture. I also altered the colour of them.
A Pretty Lass
this was another of the Pencil Line challenge sketches

I know I have a weird sense of imagination but today when I was upstairs in Starbucks, looking down on to New Look they had displayed footwear on the tops of the clothes rails and they looked like war game armies lined up for battle


Today I am thankful for A Starbucks Mocha and caramel shortbread biscuit
fun trying to get a picture of me throwing leaves in the air

a nice Chicken Carbonara (oops forgot to photograph it before I ate it lol)


humel said...

She is indeed a lovely girl - I hope she gets her confidence back soon xx

I see what you mean about the shoes! And that last photo is fab :-)

Karen said...

Great photos Mary, especially the photo of your DIL. A gorgeous LO to compliment the lovely photo :)

Jimjams said...

A pretty lass indeed - and speaking as someone who has NEVER been a size 6, there's a lot to be said for having a soft warm rounded body for children to snuggle up to - who wants a bony Mum - that's my excuse anyway!
Love the leaves photo.

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