Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting lazy with my blogging again.

Goodness gracious me, now that learn something new every day has finished I am getting lazy with my journalling again. I promised myself I wouldn't but......

Today I am going on a scrapbooking retreat with six of our team that started in 2008 with a challenge to take a photo and journal every day for a year, we had prompts which always helps. About 10/12 of us stayed in touch ever since and this will be our third retreat. It is a shame that some couldn't make this one.

I have been scrapping both with paper and glue and digitally all week and so enjoy challenges that I have completed several.
Over last weekend the Green Button house on UKScrappers had a scrapping bonanza with challenges every day.

here hopefully are the ones I haven't already shared.

Scrapdolly's challenge was a sketch one
Autumn Abundance

Jimjams challenge Lean Mean Layout using just one sheet of card stock and one sheet of double sided patterned paper.
and CARS came too

PurplyBunny's challenge is to scrap something spooky/halloween and to use material. Well as I don't do spooky or halloween I went for spiders, as so many people are spooked by them. I used to be but cured myself by watching and studying them and they are really very unspooky and very fascinating to watch.
The Unspooky Spider

and this one is for the monthly challenge on UKScrappers
Scrap your quirky traits, your idiosyncrasies. And this time scrap in a style that is so NOT you.
I have gone for a digital page again but really so very different from my usual no photos for a start basically journalling but done in a quirky way.

We will probably not have internet connection where we are going this weekend so will have to catch up on Monday.
Have a grand Saturday and Sunday everyone.


Today I am thankful for a lift to the retreat so I don't have to worry about public transport
the anticipation of a grand weekend with friends
A very good neighbour who will feed my real cats and generally watch over my bungalow


humel said...

These are such fun - I'm particularly impressed at how much you got from one sheet of double-sided paper! xx

Barbara said...

Just popped on to look at your lean mean LO. See how you have used the other bit of edging now. it looks really good.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye