Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memory jerker

Isn't it great how something from your past is suddenly brought to the forefront of your memory.
I was reading Dolly blog and today she has put up a layout of her husband and friends playing on the wii, the look of participation and concentration reminded me of my husband.
Years ago before any interaction tv games we used to watch the wrestling on TV and I found as much pleasure in watching him interact and wrestle along with the guys, as I did in watching the wrestling itself. When John became aware that I was looking at him and not the television he would try and stop but really found it almost impossible as he got drawn into the wrestling ring each time. I do wish I had a physical photo of the look on his face and not just a mental picture, it would make such a good layout.

I am so thankful that we can have a store of memories that can be sparked by simple things seen or heard or smelt even


Sarah C said...
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Sarah C said...

I remember watching wrestling with my Dad on Saturday afternoons eating biscuits. It was the only day of the week I got him all to myself and the only day we had biscuits in the house too. You're so right about memories. It's such a shame when the other person/people in your memory isn't there to re-live it with you

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