Friday, January 01, 2010

Hi it's me Bungly

Hi friends it's me Bungly, not sure why I haven't a blog of my own, Mary says its because she has so many, but that doesn't seem a very good reason to me. Still here I am at my weigh in.... not sure why I need a weigh in but Mary says I do.

Ha ha I don't weigh anything.

Mm Mary says I need to be weighed on the kitchen scales. The indignity of it, still I insisted that they be taken into the bathroom the proper place to be weighed.

6 oz what ever that is? I heard it said that oz is short for Australia but that doesn't make any sense either and there is no 'o' or 'z' in Australia.

Bagpuss got quite upset and wanted to get in on the act.  Ha Ha! Bagpuss weighs more than me.


Karen said...

I agree Bungly why can't you have your own space (blog) - LOL!!!

Bagpuss has obviously been eating more choccies than you have recently!!!

AlliR said...

hahaha, looks like Bagpuss needs to go on a diet!

Beejay said...

Brilliant Mary. So funny. He certainly has a mind of his own. LOL

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