Monday, January 18, 2010

Change your Hairdresser

Change your hairdresser, my advice as a grandmother to my 17 year old self
I found this photo of me taken circa 1958 with my hair in a very tight perm. Oh dear how I hated that perm when it was first done, it needed several washes and quite a few weeks for it to settle down to anything like acceptable. I was such a timid person and afraid of offending the hairdresser so couldn't tell her how much I loathed that style, she was of the old school and didn't know how to style for my generation and I desperately wanted to change and go elsewhere, what a dilemma.

This week's prompt for Dolly's 52in10 challenge was to scrap some advice that you would love to give your younger self. I was really struggling with that as I know that any advice I gave would have probably been accepted and worked on and then the person I am today would not be the same. When I found this photo I knew it was the perfect answer to my quandary. So here is the layout.

Change your Hairdresser

I found this quote and thought it very appropriate

I am thankful for the ability that God has given me to be creative, artistic; whether with paper and pen or here on the computer I can take a blank canvas and fill it with my designs my thoughts my own creations


Lizzie said...

Oh, this is wonderful, Mary! Very good advice if you were unhappy with the hairdresser, though I rather like the picture of the girl with curly hair.

Photographing Mom said...

Super advice!! I could have told my 19 year old self that, too!

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