Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A wet and windy night

We had a very wet and windy night last night, but when I awoke properly at 8 the sun was shining, but I am afraid it didn't last long before the rain was back.
Still I felt like going into town and mooching a bit, so with camera slung over my shoulder as usual I travel into town.
The wind had certainly stripped most of the leaves from the trees which encourage me to write a poem in my head as I was walking along.
Reaching Starbucks and ordering my Extra Shot Mocha and Cinnamon Swirl I sat at the low table on a comfy seat and began to write what I could remember of my mentally written poem.

Fierce blew the storm, the wind, the rain
On this November night.

Bright autumn leaves now stripped away,
Trees naked in their plight

Now shines the sun with watery glow,
On this November day,
Wet pavements glistening in the light
Leaves carpeting the way

Long gone the days of summer warmth
And autumn's colours fade
Now wrap we up in coat and gloves

Umbrella's on parade

I hope to do a scrapbook page using this poem and the photos sometime hopefully soon but it is good to record them on the day.

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