Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meow Meow Meow

Mum your scrapping the plate
 you must be nearly finished
come on put it down for me to lick around
please leave me something
your food tastes better than mine.

and so on and so on until I finish my dinner and plonk the tray on the floor, at which point Sammy gives a lick and then walks away, unless it is something she really likes, then the plate is spotless when she has finished with it. Good job I have a dishwasher. (I mean a real one, not Sammy)

Then it's Rudi's turn to start on me. He never licks the plate, no he either sits and stares at me or puts his paws out to tell me "Look mum you have eaten we haven't not for years and years and we are starving"
Oh well better go and feed them then.


Lizzie said...

Lovely! We have one of those Meowey things too.. Name of Sherlock. He adopted us when his family next door had a new baby and he has never left since. He thinks anything being eaten from a plate on a lap is fair game and will get up and just help himself! If we eat at the table, he sits next to the most likely candiate for treats. If ignored, he gets up and pats them on the leg. But he's fab and we love him!

Kathy M said...

Oh, the animals are such "pests" at dinner time. My Shih Tzu doesn't understand the time change and wants his dinner now at 2pm!!!

Meg said...

So funny! My daughter's cat has the loudest MEOW I've ever heard. We always know when he expects to be fed! Love your photos!

Gemma* said...

haha, sounds just like the bunny - he's the master of trying to pretend he hasn't been fed when really he's just greedy :)

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