Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oh dear oh deary dear

Oh dear oh deary dear!!, I decided, this morning when up at the church for the weekly sale, to find out at very close quarters what the ground outside looked like. I tripped on the doorstep at church at 9.00 O'clock this morning; no I wasn't drunk, not that early, and I fell flat on my nose and chin. Which landed me up in a pool of blood, only a nose bleed, thankfully, I don't seem to have broken anything but I now have a very swollen nose and could well be taken for a proboscis monkey except the nose is fat not flat. Gradually as the day has progressed the bruising has come out and I do feel very heavy around the nasal area.
Being a scrapbooker I couldn't let this event go by without photos now could ? I am sure that there will be a page dedicated to my bruising and fat nose sometime soon

can you see the similarity?


Lizzie said...

Ooh, are you certain you didn't break your nose, Mary?

I hope you're okay soon. Holland and Barrett sell Nelson's Arnica Cream, which is great to help heal bruising.

Sure you'll soon be back to your un-monkey-like self!

Liberty :) said...

oh dear! get well soon :(

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Oh Mary that looks sore. Hugs Lxx

Beejay said...

Poor you Mary. So good that you can see the funny side of it. Hugs

misteejay said...

Owwwwwww, that looks painful. Hope you are alright Mary.


Toni :o)

Kathy M said...

You are lucky if you didn't break anything. My mom did something similar and she looked liked she had been mugged and broke her front tooth.

Take care.

Karen said...

Oh Mary, I am so sorry for your pain but have to say I am sitting here laughing out loud at your photo next to the photo next to the photo of the monkey. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Mary said...

Oh poor you Mary! Sorry to hear about your accident and hope feel better real soon.

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