Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the poetry workshop

Oh I am enjoying this but must learn to listen as well as spout out. No easy for me when I get excited. I think I have annoyed one of the lovely, lovely ladies, which I really didn't mean to do at all I do hope she will forgive me.

I am an individual,
I'm loathed to follow form.
I can get very excited,
and speaking out of turn
I tread on peoples toes, I think;
this I do not mean to do,
please help me overcome this trait,
I really do like you

I love to hear your poems,
to see what give you joy;
what emphasis you use,
what words you thus employ.
How punctuation makes it
something I will comprehend.
Oh gentle folk forgive me
for my bombastic trend.

This one I have just done for fun. I love to record in my blog these verses that I pen just for me to help get things off my chest or just because I can

I never learnt about poetry,
in fact quite the reverse.
When ever I did a poem
I’d get a mark so terse.
'Write an essay now'
would be scribed across my book.
I don’t believe the teach
even had a look
At what I spent, enjoyably,
putting down in rhyme.
I don’t believe she cared at all,
'twas a waste of time. 

So I’d take back my paper
and oh how I toiled;
I was no good at essays,
so again, my work was spoiled
By red pencilled in remarks.
'To short' this time was writ
'take it back and try again'.
So back it came, oh *****.
but I’d only write it bigger
so that it would appear
that I had put more words in;
it must have been quite clear. 

Maybe she shrugged her shoulders,
then gave up the fight.
She was never going to teach
this obstinate child to write.

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