Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time to update

Goodness it is nearly a week since I updated my blog. I have been busy scrapping again so definitely got some pages to put on here.
Spent the afternoon with my Son and family Sunday. They had been to a car boot sale and bought lots of baby clothes for just 50p an item, then of course Rufus had to parade in his new clothes. Here is one of the outfits, in a layout of course

I wasn't idle re scrapping during the week either and have actually done 33 this month but only 8 of those were with paper and glue etc. all the rest were digital ones, but they can take just as long to do sometimes but of course the resources are endless, well as endless as my imagination and skills

Helen sent me a couple of copies of the scan of her new little son to be, my third grandson, another source of joy and excitement. It is such a lovely thing to be a grandparent, to have little ones to watch them grown and develop their own personality. This one will be his own sweet self. Really looking forward to the day he is born and to greet him into a loving family.

I have managed to scrap something that is not one of my grandchildren .
I hope to take a photo of this view in winter, hopefully with snow on the trees, then again in spring and summer it should make a nice series, especially if I can get some more lace in different colours but just as wide. Was really pleased with this

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