Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In reflective mood

He would have been sixty eight this year,
I am sixty nine.
We would still be so in love,
Though far more inclined
to sit in different rooms,
to do our separate things,
but knowing we are together
under one roof.
We would still hold hands
as we watch a sloppy film,
munching too many chocolates,
and kiss before we sleep.
If he was still alive.

When we go out together
he would need his stick,
still troubled by his hip,
but we would still shop.
he would still say yes,
that looks good on you,
buy it and this one too.
and we would have some lunch
in the café on the corner.
Then we would go home
and I'd cook some tea
for John and me.
If he was still alive


Beejay said...

Lovely poem but sad. Great picture.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Oh a beautiful poem Mary xx and what a lovely photo too!

Gennifer said...

:( I'm sorry for your loss. The poem is very poignant and sweet.

Minty Magic said...

Mary what a lovely poem. It sounds like you had a beautiful relationship. You must really miss him.
Loving the new blog.

Liberty :) said...

ahh that is so lovely Mary but so sad at the same time. A lovely memory. I think this would make a fab page :)

Jools said...

Awww, Mary, this made me cry. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Gez said...

What a beautiful poem as are all your others. Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I've landed here from Shimelle's Christmas class. I am missing my best friend at the moment my mum. Sending BIG hugs. Your crafting is so beautiful. Best wishes. Gez.xx

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