Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lunch With A Friend

Yesterday, Tuesday, my friend Carol phoned me in the morning saying would you like to go out for lunch, I never miss an opportunity to be with friends if I can help it, so of course I jumped at the idea. She picked me up about 12.30, and we decided to go to the new B&Q first as Carol is moving soon and wanted ideas for her new property. We had great fun deciding on all the things she would do when she moves.

I saw some really lovely patterns in wallpaper and was about to get my pad out and sketch some of them, when Carol said take a sample, I didn't know that you could but apparently it's OK , so I ended up with lots of samples of some super patterns.

These are my interpretation of two of them
While we were looking at the bathroom setting I fell in love with this wash basin and cabinet, wish my bathroom was big enough to take it, I think I would have ordered it there and then even though I don't know the price.

We finally finished up at around 4.00pm having lunch. I had thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu outing.

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