Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wet Saturday Wet Sunday

Saturday was wet, I was going out, well just down to ASDA for cat food mainly, but it was just too miserable to venture forth so I stayed in and scrapped, watched TV and eat rubbish food instead.

Saturday's page, another one for my Christmas album

Little Donkey

Journalling says it all


Oops I forgot to take any photos so no As Seen for Saturday.

Sunday and it looked fine weatherwise until I got to the top of my road on the way up to church, so hurried back for my umbrella. Our Minster was on holiday so we wondered who was preaching? No one had prepared anything so we had testimonies, it's good to hear what the Lord is doing in folks lives at the moment.

Home to a roast lamb dinner, a nice change from Turkey, ham & chicken.

I scrapped another page for my Christmas season album, this time a review of the year which will be the last page, though not the last one I'll do.
This one is called Counting my Blessings month by month

Counting my Blessings month by month

again the journalling explains it all, that is what is so good about scrapbooking the journalling is as important as the pictures (unlike a photo album) and the album can be picked up and enjoyed without any further explanation.


I do have an As Seen for today, I took photos of Rudi on my lap with my phone camera, I was surprised how in focus they were especially as they were taken quite close.

Today I am grateful for the way God is moving in our church
for a nice dinner that takes very little preparation and cooks itself while I'm out
for the Scrapbook Magazine that has inspired me this month.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I adore the little dangly tags.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye