Saturday, December 08, 2012

Catching up

Good morning Blog friends
I thought I would do a little bit of catching up as I haven't blogged for 3 days now.


Ben goes to Toddler Praise at Helen's own church. The Minister there is so good with them all he seems to have a real knack of being with the very young.
Afterwards they go out to the hall and play with toys etc so hence my As Seen for the day


I travel home feeling quite yuk as I have a bad head cold and can't breath properly. I did manage to get to Danny's school carol service up at Holy Trinity church at the top of town with all my belongings with me. Got a taxi to take me to the station immediately afterwards.
Journey uneventful and on time, for which I was very grateful. The train was packed so I'm so glad I always have a booked seat.
Good to be back home and see my feline companions too not sure how much they missed me but as usual Rudi was asking for food as soon as I entered the home.
I forgot to take any photos so here is a typical Rudi shot from the archives.


Still feeling grotty from this cold so decided to have a PJ (Pyjama)day, my only mission for the day being to put up one of the Christmas trees. (the one I picked up from the sale) Not been into the loft yet for the rest of the decs so it is a little bare at the moment. I may also have to buy some more if I am to have both trees looking splendid, or may be make some as I had a tutorial in Carols Craft a week or so back. Just need to get some double sided glittery papers.

and for a finally I thought I would do my own lolcat

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