Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Panto Season

It's Panto season, Oh no it isn't O Yes it is

I was invited to go to the panto, I was going as Lisa's eyes, but also to enjoy myself. I woke several times in the night reminding myself to tell Lisa when to shout 'He's behind you' also I dreamt to Lisa saying "Oh good we can discover the little back streets".

Well I didn't need to tell her when to shout we had a super, fun, back-to-childhood panto both of us hoarse from shouting. We also went shopping in town, well mooching around the shops, because we were early, and had plenty of time,
I found the perfect jumper for Christmas Day, I've been looking for weeks and not found anything I really liked, popped into Bon Marche and it was there on the first counter. A lovely sparkly purple one which will match my hair beautifully.
I was able to take Lisa to shops she didn't know about and also a way back to the theatre that involved back streets, so that part of my dream came true. lol.
I sneaked a photo of the final curtain call as my 'As seen' for today

As you can see from this photo we were right in front the very first row, brilliant.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I managed to make another batch of mince pies and Neil's favourite home made biscuits Coconut Crisps so a good batch of my Christmas cooking is now done though I may make some sausage rolls as I have the sausages ready to make them.

I did try and make an E-card for Christmas but although I set it all up I couldn't make it send never mind I did have fun trying to get some good photos of the cats, Muffin being the most problematical, she wanted me to play with her and I only managed a decent one in profile so that is my As Seen for Tuesday.

Yesterday I also did another page for my Christmas album while I watched TV, I looked at it again this morning and realised it needed an explanation for the title so added the tags, so glad I didn't upload it when I originally thought it was finished.

'tis the Season


Today I am grateful to having a friend who enjoys the same silly things I do
To having someone to be in town with

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Jimjams said...

Glad you had fun at the panto Mary (and your friend too). Was Cheggers any good?

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