Monday, December 03, 2012

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In the afternoon Danny had a birthday party to go to, so while he was there Andy made up the train track for Ben. They had a great time with all the twists and turns but best of all was Cranky who lifted all the trains

The evening was girls night and Helen and I went round to one of her friends and made candles and decorated the glass holder. very enjoyable evening.

My As Seen for the day just had to be Sarah's (Helen's friend) Keep calm plaque


after church we went into town, we usually go along the canal but the tow path was extremely ice as was the canal itself.
This canal boat was named Ben, rather appropriate to use it for my As seen I thought

It was the Christmas fare so lots of stalls and of course the merry go rounds had to be tried out.

Accrington Pipe band were there to entertain us but we were in the midst of a large crowd so not able to get many photos that are worth showing.

We had lunch in a lovely pizza place called Oakleys the childen's meal was almost free which made for a bargain lunch. We had a mulled wine too the first of the season

We came home and spent the afternoon making candy cane mice the boys really enjoyed doing that.

Danny's ones are called Crooked, Maroon and Cheeta


Swimming with Ben this morning fun as long as he could soak me with the watering can.

This evening the boys gave me my birthday present, a glass mosaic kit, looks fun to do but will not try it till back home. We gave the boys their bikes. Danny was over the moon and looking forward to riding it without stabilisers

Ben wanted Danny's and was very upset that he couldn't have it. Do hope he eventually accepts it because he said he wanted a balance bike and not one with pedals. still he enjoyed spinning the wheels which was far more fun.

Today I am grateful for enjoying swimming with Ben
the look on Danny's face when he saw the bike


Maria Ontiveros said...

I loved it when Henry was into Brio trains. I miss those days. But I have them all saved for the grandkids (one day).

Sian said...

Me too Rinda! I love those Thomas trains (that looks like a fantastic collection) and I have ours all saved so that Little E can play with them when he visits.

Jimjams said...

Those mice look great Mary - so glad that they worked out well.

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