Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tribute to Billy

Sale at church day today and we have just heard some sad news, one of the men who come and help us died and wasn't discovered for three days. So sad when you die alone like that.
Tribute to Billy, you will be sadly missed.

I wanted something warm to eat when I got home today for it had been so cold out, didn't have any packet soup so decided to cook up some vegetables, but instead of home made soup I thought a full meal would be preferable. So bacon added and risotto rice made for a warming and delicious meal.

Sat down with the tv on and fell asleep. That's how tired I was. Felt yuk when I awoke.

Have managed to print off some photos so hopefully will get some scrapping done tomorrow.

My As Seen for today has to be my effort to get Rudi to model my Santa hat, this idea was inspired by Karen with her cat Fiki But Fiki was far better behaved. Rudi just meowed angrily.

today I am grateful for all the help Billy gave to us over the years


humel said...

I'm sorry to hear that sad news, Mary x

Jimjams said...

Gosh Mary that is sad. {{hugs}}

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