Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's twiddlings

Haven't done much today, but I did get the freezer defrosted, made my mincemeat ready to do some mince pies later in the week (mince meat better if left to mature for a few days) didn't have any brandy so used a bit of rum instead, it was yummy licking the spoon when I had finished bottling it up. (can't smell it though as my sense of smell has disappeared with this cold)

I put up the Christmas banner that was a swap we did in one of my teams. We each chose a letter from the word CHRISTMAS and did nine pennants the same and when we met up in October we exchanged with each other till we all ended up with this banner.

Crumblies Christmas Banner

Really pleased with how it looks.

It has been a foggy freezing day all day but I have been snug and warm inside. Just now I went out to take this photo, changed it to sepia (the street light play havoc with the camera too orange)

Today I am grateful for warm Bungalow
for warm clothes and comfort food.

My boy sitting on my lap I just had to try and get a decent close up of him. After numerous attempts I really like this one, you can see me reflected in his eyes

Want to end this post with this Iams advert. I think it is super

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