Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi folk I am still enjoying Dolly's 52 in 10 and decided to do a double page for this week's prompt which is Traditions
I started by doing a tradition my husband and I started when we move to Swindon and discovered the Cottage of Content in Cirencester. We would celebrate my birthday there and as it fall so near to Christmas we had to book well in advance. Each year after we had finished our meal John would book the place for the following year.
I did enjoy doing that page but realised I have been harping back, so much recently, to what I had while John was still alive and I wanted to do something that was a current tradition hence page 2.
Forgotten Tradition

New Tradition

Today I rectified my two forgetteries and collected my camera from my Son's and the book from Costa
so I am thankful that neither item was lost
I have also discovered a great site for getting free digi kits all because they have put two of my freebies on the site.


Lizzie said...

Two lovely layouts, Mary. I agree that it is easy to get a bit bogged down in "when I was so-and-so...." and forget to notice the great things happening now.
Obviously your memories of you and John are so important, but it is lovely to stay attached to the present as well - that has to be the real way to be happy with life.

It's wonderful that someone has put your great digi kits on their site! Congratulations!

Karen said...

Two gorgeous LO's Mary :)

I am so glad you managed to find your camera and book safe :)

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