Thursday, February 25, 2010

All ready for the off

I am off on a scrapbook retreat weekend with my team on UKScrappers. I have to travel by train as I don't drive and no one comes from my area but I don't have too bad a journey, and as I love to digi scrap I thought I wouldn't take too much paper and embellishments etc. well that is what I thought, but .... my case is full and that is all stash except the few essentials like clean undies and PJs. So I guess I will be doing scrapping with paper and glue as well as digi.

The only thing left to pack is my laptop but that has to be a last minute thing as I am still using it.
This evening I felt I just had to do some scrapping on it as I hadn't done any for 24 hours!! too long lol

Boxing Day Lazy Day

Today I am thankful that the sale went well
that we were given a large donation for it which should bring Jeremiah out of debt
and that I am off tomorrow for a fun weekend


Lizzie said...

Great layout, Mary! "Boxing Day, Lazy Day" is a fab title.

Have a wonderful weekend away. Don't do as I did and forget your cutting mat - what a pain!

Karen said...

A beautiful LO Mary. I love how you have done the font for 'Lazy' and all the various elements that you have added onto the LO - Its gorgeous :)

Enjoy the Ride said...

I hope you enjoyed your scrappin' retreat. I'm off to one of my own in a few days. Hoorah!

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