Tuesday, January 03, 2012

As Seen - Muldoon

I am a collector of all things feline, domestic kind that is, I have three real ones, Rudi my lovely old boy who is now in his old age at 14 nearly 15 and two 6 month old black & white mischievous kittens going by the names of Mittens and Muffin.
Along with these three friends I have a huge collection of cats made from all kinds of materials, fabric, metal, wood, & stone.
I want you all to meet my latest, amusing addition, who lives in the kitchen and I think Mittens and Muffin have tried to make him feel welcome, for often I have found one of their toy mice at his feet. He is a door stop and will very useful in summer when I have doors open as the kitchen door slams shut so often.

Introducing Spotty Muldoon

His name is dictated by his appearance. I had to look it up, I thought Spotty Muldoon was a goon character but it appears to be lyrics by Peter Cook


Sian said...

When I was little we had a white cat with a grey tip on his tail. He was called Muffin (sorry if I've told you this before!)

AlliR said...

aww he's cute. Nice that the kittens have taken to him too!

Lizzie said...

I love your choice for his name! He is a cool cat, to be sure.
I also have an old 14-year-old pusscat. Perhaps I should get a kitten (or two!), to keep him company...
It's funny that your kittens like Muldoon.

BTW I love your new Blog Banner - very smart.

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