Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tree Feller

Today has been a sad day
but also entertaining,
they're cutting down the tall trees
none will be remaining.
The feller climb up high
aided by clips and ropes,
starting from the top most branch
the chainsaw easily copes.
Bit by bit he demolishes
the years those trees have grown,
I wonder why they have to go?
it really makes me moan.
Being a keen photographer
I clicked as he was felling,
and later I'll have a layout,
this story's for the telling.


Jimjams said...

Looking at your photos I'd say that the trees might have been interfering with the (electricity/telephone) wires ...
Great little poem too Mary!

Photographing Mom said...

So sad when trees have to come down for whatever reason. :( I like your poem.

Mary B said...

That line of trees may have been interfering with the wires but the ones at the back were not, still they must have had a good reason otherwise they would not have got permission to fell them.

Sarah said...

That's too sad :( Great poem though x

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