Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bind-it-all and minibook

I not very good at making minibooks I never seem to know how to decorate the pages or even what photos to put in them. But, I have just bought a Bind-it-all from one of my fellow scrappers, thank you Daphne very much, and I so wanted to try it out immediately and what better way than to make a little book. A minibook that has really worked.
So without further ado **drum roll** here it is, with all its pages so a bit of scrolling for you all.
Front cover
Pages inside cover & 1
Pages 2 & 3
Pages 4 & 5
Pages 6 & 7
Pages 8 & 9
Pages 10 & 11
Page 12

the covers are made from hologram acrylic sheet, must see if I can get some more of this because it seems to work very well and you can't really see through it. I am not so keen on completely clear pages it means that you have to be so careful how you place everything on them.


Pat said...

Lovely Mini book Mary. The decorative edges are very nice

Lizzie said...

So now you know you Can make mini-books! That is a wonderful book, Mary. I love how you have decorated and layered the edges of the pages. The photos are just right and the minimal, but special embellishments really work well. It's a great book. One day Rufus will no doubt agree too!

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