Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A day with Rufus

I have had a lovely day with my 17 month old grandson, Rufus. He has been at his most charming. We did a bit of shopping in town, met up with his Daddy, my son, for a coffee. Rufus enjoyed the froth from mine especially as it had chocolate sprinkled on top. He did a bit of walking which he really enjoyed and then we went to Queens park to see the water fowl.
Later on we visited the library, Central library have a lovely children's area and Rufus had fun finding books for me to read to him, trouble was he would only let me read the first page before he wanted another book but it was such a lovely way to while away and hour. I was so pleased to get the perfect photos of him for my gallery of grandsons on my lounge wall


Jimjams said...

That's a lovely portrait Mary - and doubly so as it will bring back memories of a great afternoon with him.

humel said...

Aww.... What a sweetheart! And an hour in a library is a happy hour indeed :-)

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