Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafting - v - housework

No contest crafting has won, still in my pjs with an idea in my head for a flower to go on a layout, I just had to try it there and then. Quite fiddly that is why it has taken so long but now I have it sussed they should be easier.
The inspiration for this flower I found on Mel's blog ( thank you so much Mel your blog is a great inspiration to me) but rather than folding the paper flower flat I did it rather like her felt one.

Each circle I pinched together on one side, stuck a mini glue dot just in from the pinch and added the next petal, joined them together in a circle and carefully opened it up sticking the whole flower to a square of waste cardstock. I then added a fringe of black paper to one and a button to the other.
OK now I had better shower and dress and get on with what needs to be done before I spend the whole day in my PJs
And no I am not showing you a photograph of myself with my hair all over the place :D


Lizzie said...

How very pretty, Mary! Definitely worth deferring a shower for. I like the deep red flower best - it is really gorgeous. The cream and gold one is also rather special - the button in the middle makes it extra nice.
I am feeling that "want to make flowers" thing again... it's all because of you and Mel!

Jimjams said...

MMMMM gorgeous flowers Mary - the red is my favourite too - very pretty.

Dawn said...

Will have to have a go at these, what size circle did you use Mary?

Kai said...

Crafting is ALWAYS better than housework. :) I loved these flowers when I saw them on Mel's blog... yours turned out fantastic... I need to try them!

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