Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Sunday I love Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you have time to do something you really want to today. I do love Sundays I don't feel so guilty sitting doing craft or just sitting on a Sunday after all it is our day of rest and relaxation. Saying that I do craft things most days but always with a sense that I should really be doing something else.
I love Sunday Roast dinner too, such an easy meal to prepare and the oven does the hard work for me. Just pop the joint into a dish add any vegetables that are going to be roasted put said dish in oven and set it to come on the set amount of time before I want to eat. I then prepare the vegetables which takes 10 minutes at the very most. Put them in my steamer and off to church. When I return the oven is on, the smell of cooking is inviting and all I have to do is turn the gas on under the veg and make the gravy. Cooking for one can be just as rewarding as cooking for a family especially if you enjoy food.

I have been struggling to do any scrapping at all lately, nothing seems to feel right or good enough but at least I have managed to do this paper layout and although I am not wowed by it I am fairly OK about it. Except my sight dyslexia has reared it head again and I put We'er instead of We're, but have managed to change it on the hard copy by putting the word onto another piece of cardstock and sticking it over where I had gone wrong.
Now We're Walking
The title for this was dictated by the strip of Tortoises that I found in my cut outs drawer when I was searching for how to embellish the layout. I then took a photo of the creatures and printed a couple out reversing them to look at the words of the title.
The links are from a chain I had bought at B&Q sometime ago with the intention of using them on a layout. This is the first time I've used them I also filled one of the links with glossy accents and seed beads.
Now We're Walking (link details)
The journalling on the tag reads
Neil used to walk pigeon toed when he was little (still does a bit) Rufus is the opposite his feet are at 10 to 2.

Today I am grateful for a cooker that I can programme to come on while I'm out
Coming home from church to the smell of dinner cooking


Jimjams said...

I'm always impressed by your Sunday roasts for one Mary - and I like the idea of the steamer for the veg - I think I need one of those now :D

humel said...

I love all the details on your layout :-) And I was talking to someone today about how tempting it can be to not cook and eat properly if it's just for one - I take it all back now.....

Sarah said...

I have a hard time cooking for one, but managed an all in one dish roast on Sunday too.

Don't children grow up so quickly! Love your LO and all the tortoises are so fitting xx

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