Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Missed opportunity

I could kick myself for being so untidy. Most times I don't mind, most times it isn't that important. The muddle that was my desk only took a short while to bring into some sense of order.
From this

To this

But last night after I had finished downloading my photos I put my camera on the floor instead of back in it's case. Today I grabbed my bag and camera case as usual before setting off down the back lane to ASDA and for the first time ever I saw a woodpecker, he was in clear sight and staying put so good I thought I would have the best photo ever. Sad to say I didn't get it, and although I went back for my camera he wasn't any where to be seen when I returned. I do hope he stays around and I do manage to find him again with my camera in hand.


Lizzie said...

Oh poor you! We all have messy moments and also those missed photo opportunities, where we've forgotten the camera or the battery has run out etc.
A bit galling to know it was because you didn't tidy up, that you put your camera in the wrong place and then forgot it...
Never mind Mary - perhaps you'll get an even better chance another day!

humel said...

Oh no - what a pity! I hope he comes back for another visit soon, and poses beautifully for you xx

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