Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Monday

Well the weather has been much better today not so sticky in fact very pleasant.

Did a very hurried go through the bungalow with the cleaner and general tidy up this morning, then decided I had earned a break so I cycled down to Asda and Borders. After doing my basic shopping had a nice Mug of Starbuck's Mocha and a sticky cake. Really enjoyed that, found a paper and was doing the crossword when I realised I was nearly asleep so it was time to push my self and get home.

This afternoon I have sat at the computer and done the weekly challenge from UKS. I so enjoyed this, using a photo of myself and my husband to be on the day we got engaged, umpty ump years ago.

The challenge was to use a photo of a hug or big smile (both of those in this photo), red or white or blue, flowers, 5 different elements and something old (photo again)

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