Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fab time at Scrapaholics

I had a fab time at Scraphaholics last night, first time ever I think that I have managed to do two LOs the first one I had pre planned and done a quick digi one first (always the easy option for me) The second one I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. It was the June kit and the DaisyD pp was really scrummy (my type of pp anyway) I liked the pattern and didn't want to loose much of it so I cut round the flowers and the shape at the top and tucked my photo under it.
I think sitting next to Sandie last night gave me inspiration as her work always does. Thank you Sandie (Sandie's blog is here
http://www.allscrappedout.blogspot.com). We didn't get home very early as Robo decided to have a go slow time think he was worked too hard last night and overheated.
Then just as we had packed up and about to leave, the door wouldn't close. We eventually had to cut a little bit of the draught excluder off to make it shut but it too a time for us to realise that was what was needed.
When I got home I was still too keyed up to go to bed so decided to do the cross stitch title for 'mini me' sitting up in bed, it was 1.30 before I switched the light off, but I was well pleased with it, just finished off the layout right as it matched in with the antique look of the rest. By the way it is a photo of me taken when I was 2 yrs 4mth old.
The Deluge photos were the ones I took last Saturday but made to look like old photos, I am really pleased with the effect.

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Sandie said...

I enjoyed sitting next to you too Mary, save me a seat for next time ;-)

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