Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slow service and scrapping

I had to stay in all day yesterday as my laptop was being picked up for repair. I was really fed up with being indoors. I was glad to be going out for a meal with Neil, Gemma and Rufus to celebrate Neil's birthday. We went to Pizza Express and although the meal itself was good, they really ought to have been named Pizza Slow Boat to China. By the time we had finished our meal it was about 10.30 really too late for Rufus, he was nearly asleep before Neil drove me home. I did get some nice photos of him though and he was so good. To finish the meal we had a tiny desert that came with the coffee and Rufus had a frothy milk with a sprinkle of chocolate, he thought that was so good

Today I decided that although I didn't really need anything I would go into town. I didn't stay long, felt aimless and tired.
I'm missing the quickness of my laptop because this machine (desktop) is so so slow.
Never mind I can use it I can get on the internet and I can talk to my friends both blog friends and UKS friends. So why do I feel so yuk?
To cheer myself up I have done another page of a photo taken when I went up to see Helen, Andy and the boys.
I had to change the photo to black & white as Helen's top, being red clashed with the theme of the photo.
After Bath Time


Jimjams said...

LOL at the "Pizza Slow Boat to China" - though not really that funny if you have little ones in tow! That mini dessert looks cute!

Melissa said...

Such a cute layout and I totally laughed at the Pizza Slow Boat to China name!

Sarah said...

Hope you have a brighter day tomorrow. Everyone has off days and there's not always a rational explanation for them either.

Have to say I loved your Pizza Hut re-name too.

Oh and your day trip the other day, inspired me to take a different bus to Cambridge today. Saved waiting in Ely for half an hour and I spent that time on the bus seeing different sites. I must do it again sometime and one day just turn up at a bus depot and get on a bus like you did and have a day out somewhere totally different. Thank you x

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