Saturday, August 20, 2011

Broken laptop and one more off my list

My laptop that I have had just three short months is broken, the fan has stopped and won't start again. I know it is still under guarantee but it does mean I will be without it for a week. They are picking it up on Tuesday and will redeliver the following week. How come it takes so long to put a new fan in?
In the mean time I am back on my old old desktop computer that is so so so slow. I hope I will be able to keep going with my nature calendar, I have scheduled three in but will run out of usable photos after that.
I haven't even done any scrapping today as it has taken me most of my available time to get this machine up to date, I haven't used it for so long.
I just have one photo to share for the scavenger hunt. It is a roadside memorial that has been on this lamppost for so long it is faded and tatty and one of the reasons I really don't like them. It has got to be at least 5 years since this person was killed.

I still need a town hall protest and a forest, not sure that I'm going to succeed with either of those.

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Jimjams said...

Quite agree at the roadside memorials Mary - either keep them fresh or get rid! Perhaps you could organise your own protest????
And forest ... could be of weeds not just trees!
Shame about the laptop, and quite agree that a week without is a pain - hope they extend the guarantee because of it!

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