Monday, January 17, 2011

Rose Walk

Come, on this dull wet January day, take a stroll with me along Rose Walk. Picture it, the rain has stopped for a while and wet plants glisten with raindrops

I don't often go this way but today I had an appointment for a health check, and this path connects the surgery to my usual walk to Asda.

It is aptly named for rambling rose bushes skirt the allotments along the full length of the walk

If we look closely will we see new leaf buds forming?

Not just leaf buds but flower buds too

and here and there a fully opened rose head so tiny and delicate.

Certainly God is gracious to us, giving us hope of the beauty to come, the promise of abundant life.
Today I want to say  thank you to my Father God for lifting my spirits with this promise
For speaking to me through His word and for giving me hope.
I finished my food shopping in Asda and went to look at the clothes in George, surprise, surprise I bought myself something new to wear.

The top isn't pink really it is red and white stripes and the trousers fit at the waist beautifully without elastic in them. that is a wonder indeed.
but... Oh my I have put on weight, I hadn't really noticed it just looking in the mirror but the photo tells the tale.


Photographing Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful roses!

And I think you look beautiful, too. :)

scrappyjen said...

Found your blog through dollys dreamings. What an uplifting post. Love the photographs. Will definitely stop by again.

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