Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Praise and blessings

Feeling grumpy for lack of a cuppa, walking back from the doctors after my fasting blood test. I didn't feel like praising God, all I could think of was getting my hands on a lovely warm cup of tea and sipping the amber nectar.
With tea in hand and computer on I turned to Word for today Psalm 71:14 I will praise you more and more. . This pulled me up short. David praised God in all circumstances.
I started to praise My Father God asking forgiveness for my grumpiness and, seeking his face, I looked out of my window and saw such a beautiful sun in the sky making the frosty ground look like a myriad of diamonds. So grabbing my camera I went out into the lane.
Father had blessed me in the way that He knows I will appreciate so much.

I just love the way the lone cyclist has been caught up in the suns rays


Photographing Mom said...

God gives us even the simple things we need, doesn't He? Great photo and great verse!!

Carol said...

Great photo Mary, like the rays of sun and when you look on the ground it is white, looks very frosty, brrrrr.

Carol X

humel said...

Beautiful post. A great reminder to praise God in all our different moods and circumstances xx

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