Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well I haven't updated my blog for quite a few days, so thought it was time I came in here.

Lazy day, didn't even go to church but I just had a day to play. I started another paper and glue 12x12 layout but was really struggling with it, so left it, until I got more inspiration.
Couldn't watch any TV as I was still waiting for the Freesat to be fitted.

This morning I had hardly got out of bed before my two cats had made themselves at home on it luckily I had pulled the duvet over but not straightened it at all, still it was worth a photo or two as it is seldom that they are both asleep in the same place. This week's challenge on UKScrappers criteria was 'white space' colour combination that included white red and black among other choices, use the word time somehow and use circles. Immediately I thought of the photos I had just taken and the title of Time sharing came to mind. How quickly this layout came together was amazing

Time Sharing

My daughter in law phoned and asked if I could help with Rufus as she had pulled a muscle in her shoulder, we met up at ASDA and had a coffee in Starbucks before tackling the shopping. Then of course we had to have a look at the children's clothing section and I ended up buying an outfit for all three grandsons.
Later at Neil and Gemma's new house I looked after Rufus while Gemma put a few more things in some sense of order. The trouble with moving is getting straight again afterwards and no sooner had she cleared the under stairs area than Neil came home with more stuff from the old place and filled the space up again.

Finished the layout I had been fiddling with since Sunday and although not brilliant I am quite pleased with it.


Phone call from the engineer who was to fit my freesat saying he would be with me between 12 and 2 how nice to have such a short waiting span which meant I could go out in the morning and enjoy the sunshine.
A lovely walk down the back lane, taking photos of fresh growth in the hedgerow, ending up at Starbucks again (addicted or not?).
Home to a cry for help from my neighbour, she wanted to put together an scrapbook album of some of the photos of her Dad who had just died and the funeral was the following day (today). I managed to do 9 quick layouts that will need journalling etc at a later date but she was pleased with them. Don't think I have ever done layouts so quickly.

I needed to go into town for some bits like double sided tape and glue dots etc because we have a Cyber Crop coming up and I don't want to run out. Of course I spent more money but only on essentials like scissors, really sharp 7" ones and printer ink because I must be getting near the end of this cartridge.
Got home to find a card through the door the postie had tried to deliver a parcel, my Mystery Kit, and couldn't I would have to collect it, so annoying as the sorting office closes at 2.00 pm, about half hour later my neighbour knocked on the back door the parcel was given to her instead of being taken back so that will save me a trip. Tis a lovely kit so now need to put on my thinking cap and come up with an idea.

Today I am thankful for No rain although it has threatened
lovely neighbours
super duper kit

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