Monday, April 05, 2010

Lazy Monday

What are bank holidays for except to do your own thing. Today I am being very lazy, still in my PJs and scrapping away.

Before I could really start scrapping I had to find a mouse. One of my cats, Sammy, brought it in last evening I managed to make her drop it but although I did grab the poor little thing it jumped out of my hand and scarpered. I really didn't know last night where it was and half expected to wake this morning to entrails. But I didn't and Sammy was very anxious to get into my bedroom so I assumed it was in there. Didn't much fancy having a dead mouse rotting away in the place so what to do? in the end I let Sammy show me where it was, under my chest of drawers apparently, so carefully moving some bits it ran out and Sammy pounced. Again I got it away from her and managed to release it this time into the garden where of course I took a couple of photos of it

I have done the weekly challenge on UKScrappers another layout of one of my grandsons, this time Rufus as he was 7 months old yesterday. Where have these past 7 months gone doesn't seem any time since he was born, yet he has grown so much and is a lovely lad, rather like his father at the same age, but very unique in a lot of ways. His best aptitude is his ready smile. Because I was away nearly three weeks I thought it would take him a while to remember me and smile but it took no time at all.

the Criteria for the challenge was to use the sketch provided, use things beginning with the letter 'B' do some distressing as a technique and Journalling

Bright as a Button

I enjoyed the challenge so much I have done another one

Family Image

Today I am thankful for a lazy bank holiday
for catching and releasing the mouse alive and kicking, hopefully to enjoy a full life
having such a wealth of photos of my Grandsons


Lizzie said...

Rufus is 7 months old already? I remember seeing pictures of him sooo tiny and now he looks so big!

I love your layout of him, his daddy and his grandad - fabulous!

Both my gt. nieces were here yesterday, with their mummies and the rest of the family. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about who Alexie - now 4 weeks old - looks like. Her daddy? Her mum? Her uncle? Her grandma? It's funny how different people see a different resemblance in her little baby face!

Enjoy the Ride said...

I love your layouts, Mary... I simply must give digi scrapping a try! Cute mouse... but not in the house! :)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye