Wednesday, April 07, 2010

52 in 10 -Treasures in my home

What a lot of little thing I have in my home that bring back pleasant memories or are very pleasing to look at or touch.
I have been making an album of the things that are 'My little Treasures' nothing of much monetary value but oh what a wealth of memories, delights and sentiments they all hold. This one I have also done for this week's 52in10 challenge.

The journalling says it all
The treasures around my house are many, nothing of value but precious to me.
John and I found these strange wood carvings in a little curiosity shop in Falmouth. We both fell in love with them and decided that they would be our souvenir of this holiday. A holiday that was really a convalescent one for John after his second hip operation

Strange Creatures

I have also done done it as a paper and elements layout 6x6 for my little treasure album. It is a hybrid version as I printed out some of the bits because I wanted to keep it very similar to my digital one.
Strange Creatures

Today I am thankful that the parcel I was expecting came in good time
I was able to attend the funeral of the father of people who come to the sale on a Thursday.
The weather showing signs of spring at last.

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