Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The weather is really taken a turn for the worst, I got so fed up with being indoors I decided to brave the weather, get on my bike and go down to ASDA Walmark.
One of my favourite pastimes is to go into Borders and buy a magazine then go upstairs to Starbucks and have a mocha and a muffin and to read the magazine I have just bought.
Often when I am up there I find someone to watch or talk to. People watching is another of my pastimes. Today was no exception; there was a little lad of three and a half (mustn't forget the half) who was so grown up in his talk and attitude that it was a pleasure to listen to him, mum & dad obviously loved him to bits, he was not spoilt but cared for very much. It's so good to see parents not ignoring or shouting at their children.

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Sandie said...

Sounds fab to me Mary, I'll have to join you for a Mocha and a people watching session one of these days!!

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