Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Morning all

Bright Sunshiny Morning here in England (or at least my little part of England). Makes all the difference to me when I can get up and see the sun, that is my blessing for today.

I mowed the grass yesterday and now that the sun is shining on it I can see little tufts of slightly longer grass poking up here and there. I am no gardener and find the process of trying to keep it reasonably tidy too much effort sometimes. Think it is more of a wild garden than a cultivated one. Plenty of wild flowers in it, ie dandilions and celandine, but hey ho they are a nice bright sunshine yellow.

I didn't get to bed very early last night, stayed up until I had finished another page of my Wedding photos. Really struggled with this one as the title didn't go right and my sewing machine refused to sew through the lace and cardstock. In the end I had to stick the lace on and put ribbon down the edge fixed with brads, the title I made a mess off I covered by another title on a chipboard tag. It looks OK now but, as I know what a stress I was in, it will never be one of my best pages.

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