Monday, May 21, 2007

I think I must be on a roll, here is the next page in my feely touchy Book of Me. I have called it Just little bits of me (which of course is my subtitle here on my blog.) The journalling, that explains why those little pictures are here, is hidden under the main photo and reads
I never wanted to grow up I wanted to remain a child just like Peter Pan. I hated becoming "a woman", as my Mother put it.
I started work in an office and really quite enjoyed it once the scary newness of it wore off.
My wedding day was great although it rain incessantly all day it didn’t dampen my spirits at all. In nearly all of the photos I am laughing. I enjoyed married life and didn’t want that to change, but all things change and the children came along.
The Birth of my first child was the best experience I had ever had up till that time and I loved being a mother and teaching my daughter how to do things. When my son came along my family felt complete and I could not envisage anything better than being a wife and mother.
Even that could not last forever and when John died I thought that my world had collapsed and couldn’t be repaired. But I learned to pick up the pieces and find enjoyment again.
Soon I will be a grandmother and I know that it will be the most exciting time to date. To be a mother watching her daughter become a mother.

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