Monday, November 14, 2011

Random jottings from my little note book.

In Starbucks
I order my usual, a extra shot mocha and a cinnamon swirl and sit down in a comfy chair, today I feel like people watching
Young mums meeting for a coffee and a chat, a place to rest from shopping and feed their babies.
Businessman in the corner on his laptop, coffee growing cold as he gets engrossed in his work
Mother and daughter meet up, such a nice place to be, what shall we have?
Three people sitting at a small table discussing work, more relaxed to meet here than in the office.
I watch a small child crumble a cake, while mum is engrossed in conversation with her friend.
I've sat here, slowly sipping my drink and letting my mind wander. It's time I made my way home. I've have enjoyed my time in my favourite coffee shop. I'll be back

In early spring
I heard the woodpecker again today, I even found the tree on which he was hammering away. But could I see him? not a chance, wait just a glance of red,then he spread his wings and was gone from my sight. Try as I might I cannot capture him on camera.

Water fountains
A hot day
Fountain spray
Children play

Balls rise
before our eyes
lifts and dies

This is fun
in the sun
when shopping's done

The walk down the back lane
Is so very quiet again
The children are back at school

The fountains are spraying
but no children playing
They are all back at school

Trolleys just have shopping
no children hopping
they are all back at school

Mothers are free
to enjoy the shopping spree
Their children are all back at school

Soon will be home time
but in the meantime
lets have a coffee while they're still at school

On the bus

Elderly lady, alighting from the bus, thanks the driver and says "You seem like a nice boy" which made the rest of us a chuckle.

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Sian said...

Nicely done Mary. I like this very much!

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